Norma Vila Rivero
Norma Vila Rivero (San Juan, Puerto Rico) is an Interdisciplinary Artist, Exhibit Coordinator, and Cultural Manager. Vila Rivero employs a broad spectrum of mediums to explore social science, phenomenology, semantics, and the human condition in an artistic practice that weds aesthetics to social engagement. The aim is to subtly address emotional issues or intense social themes from a humanist point of view. Through photography, installation, and mixed media, Vila Rivero has criticized and offered a comment on the role of religion in Wars, the immigrant condition, the economic inequality due to gender and recently the environmental sustainability in the face of economic growth. Her work has been presented in Mexico, Norway, Ecuador, Mallorca, Switzerland, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Perú, Saint Croix and many states of U.S.A.

Current Group Exhibitions
A Metaphor Against Oblivion, The Franklin Outdoor, Chicago, USA. Curated by Edra Soto. June 14 until July 11, 2019.

Repensar la Ciudad: Colección Iris y José Hernández Castrodad, curated by Dianne Bras Feliciano presented at Museo de la Universidad Ana G. Méndez - Recinto de Gurabo. Marzo 2 - Junio 28, 2019.

Past Exhibitions
2019 Una metáfora contra el olvido, PÚBLICA Espacio, Ave.Ponce de León, Santurce, Puerto Rico. Feb 8 - Mayo 8, 2019.

Waiting for the Garden of Eden, curated by Juan Puntes & Raúl Zamudio presented at WHITE BOX GALLERY, New York. March 30 - April 31, 2019

MNA17 Muestra Nacional 2018, Arsenal de la Puntilla, Instituto de Cultura de Puerto Rico, San Juan, P.R. Dec 15 - Marzo 23, 2019

Past Exhibitions
- Debtfair (participating artist), a project of Occupy Museums, Whitney Biennial 2017, Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC. Presenting my recent work titled "Dead-End". On view till June 11, 2017.

|Curated Projects by Norma Vila|
-Confrontación/Contemplación (March 31 - June 4, 2017 MECA Art Fair) a collaboration between ÁREA and El Cuadrado Gris.
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